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About BLF

Bussbrukernes Landsforening is a non-profit, independent nationwide association.

Bussbrukernes Landsforening (BLF) is the bus users' interest organization, and works to promote bus culture in Norway and buses as a means of transport. Increased bus use has positive effects on public health, the environment and traffic flow, and contributes to the development of more accessible, attractive and safer urban spaces for all age groups.


BLF works to ensure that the interests of people who depend on the bus on a daily basis are taken care of, secondarily the association works to make the bus offer so good that even the richest among us choose to travel by bus instead of car.  


Throughout its development, the transport sector has been characterized by ambitions for more developed infrastructure and higher speeds. Speed and infrastructure are important, but research shows that the choices we make in relation to means of transport have strong symbolic values, and the choices we make here convey a lot about social status and identity. Structural measures in relation to attitude changes / awareness raising in relation to public transport and bus use are crucial for developing user-friendly sustainable systems for transport solutions around the world.


Our story

BLF was dreamed up as part of the JUSTMOB research project on sustainable mobility and social justice. Research shows that busses are, culturally, a low status transport mode in contrast to cars, metro and light rail.

Then we realized that the biggest interest organization in Norway is NAF, which promotes the interests of people who own cars.

We created a logo and manifesto for a speculative, adventurous bus users' association.

Then we collaborate with the Rjukan Solarpunk Academy to create an exhibition at the Norwegian Oil Museum in Stavanger. Today the organiation is registered and ready for new members to shape it's future development.

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